Enhancing Healthcare Well-being: A Strategy for a Healthier Workplace

The terms “well-being” and “self-care” are often used as buzzwords. However, true well-being goes beyond journaling or a bubble bath. When dealing with the demands of working in healthcare, nurses need real help. To prevent nurses from burnout, leadership should implement well-being efforts into the daily operations of healthcare settings. 

Benefits of Promoting Well-Being in Healthcare Settings

Promoting well-being translates into a work environment that reduces burnout. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, 44% of nurses reported symptoms of depression, while 31% reported anxiety. In the same study, a staggering 47% of nurses were at risk for PTSD. 

These statistics are especially concerning when we remember the 100,000 RNs who left their jobs at the same time and reported high levels of stress and burnout. 

Supportive work environments that provide access to resources such as staff assistance programs and peer support initiatives further contribute to nurses' well-being. 

Additionally, opportunities for self-reflection, professional development, and social connection empower nurses to thrive and continue delivering high-quality patient care.

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Meeting Basic Psychological Needs

Immeryve's team helps healthcare professionals and leaders improve staff retention and prevent burnout. Through our work with hospitals and other healthcare settings, we’ve identified essential ingredients in a work culture that fosters high-quality motivation and well-being.

  1. Autonomy | “I Believe”

Your team needs to feel ownership and endorsement of their work.

  1. Relatedness | “I Belong”

Your team needs to have a sense of belonging in the organization.

  1. Mastery | “I Succeed”

The feeling of competence, efficacy, and growth in everyday work 

Addressing your team's fundamental psychological needs can enhance their sense of personal value and inner drive to tackle their work responsibilities. Ultimately, when your team feels high support from their management, they’ll be more engaged and under less distress.

How Nurse Managers Can Promote Well-Being 

By nurturing autonomy, relatedness, and mastery in everyday experiences, you can create a work environment where nurses feel valued, supported, and empowered to thrive. 

Here are some strategies to promote well-being among your team:

Encourage Autonomy

Empower your nurses by supporting their autonomy in their work. Create opportunities for them to make decisions, give inputs into their work, set goals, and take ownership of their practice.

By supporting your team's autonomy, you nurture a sense of ownership and responsibility, boosting job satisfaction and reducing burnout.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration

Cultivate relatedness in your team through collaboration and teamwork. 

Encourage open communication, mutual respect, and support among colleagues. By creating a culture of belonging, RNs can benefit from a supportive work environment where they feel valued and connected to their peers, reducing feelings of isolation and stress.

Support Professional Growth

Give RNs opportunities for mastery by supporting professional development and growth. 

When providing performance feedback, either critical or positive, make sure the feedback is ‘informational’ rather than evaluative. That means giving clear feedback about the behavior, not the person, that is focused on what specifically was well done or how it can be improved.

The goal of all feedback should be to help your team build upon or improve their skills and performance. By focusing on specific, constructive guidance, managers can boost their team's confidence and job satisfaction.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is critical in promoting overall well-being and is found to boost job satisfaction. 

Offer flexible scheduling options, promote time off to recharge, and provide resources for managing stress. By acknowledging and supporting your team members' need for balance, you create a workplace culture that values their mental health. 

Ready to Transform Your Nursing Team's Well-Being? 

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